Fair trade cooperative run by and for Myanmar refugee women

Who are we?

TANMA Federation is a cooperative established in 2010 to give these women a chance to become economically independent and participate in decision-making.

To this end, the women sell handicrafts.

The cooperative works with 5 groups of women, from different ethnic groups: Kaoprise, Mang Tha, Paw Ghee, CWO and Ying-Tai. 

Each group has developed a unique range of products over the years, and many of these products use traditional Myanmar techniques and components.

The profits from these products enable women to support themselves, their families and their communities. Tanma empowers women to build peace and harmony in their homes, and to make changes in their environment.

The 5 groups of TANMA


  • Mang Tha - Cross stitch
  • CWO - Authentic Batik & Accessories


  • Ying Tai - Hand Embrodery


  • Paw Ghee - Embroderie


  • Kaoprise - Bath and Spa Products

What Tanma needs ?

How can you help Tanma?

Our partners & sponsors

The Federation is a project of Tenaganita, a local non-governmental organisation based in Petaling Jaya  that works to protect and promote the rights of women, migrants & refugees. The current legal status of refugees within Malaysia renders it virtually impossible to register Tanma as a cooperative, and therefore the partnership with Tenaganita is vital for the continued protection of Tanma (as Tanma is technically protected under a registered NGO), and similarly vital for administrative factors, including the ability to hold a bank account, and receiving funds through grants and donations.